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Today it’s all about doing more with less.  We consistently deliver high-quality solutions while building long lasting relationships.

We want happy and satisfied clients.

When you hire us our first step is to listen to what you have to say.  The second step is to listen to what you have to say and understand it.  The third step is to listen to what you have to say and ask questions.  The fourth step is to, yes you guessed it, listen to what you have to say and then we say it back to you with a solution that you can actually understand.

If you didn’t understand, then we didn’t do our job.  Our recommendations are always based on your needs, not on the latest new trends or gadgets.


The KISS Method – Keep it simple silly – KISS.  So when it’s time for you to grow the transition is easy.  Never let technology dictate how much or how little you can grow your business.

Being online can be scary.  The good news is that you have options.

Digital Strategy

Yes you do need one.  Your clients and customers are out there and they want to hear from you.  They want to get to know you.  Every piece of content you publish needs a purpose.  Does it build confidence and trust in you and your brand.  

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YAY!  You’re online.  Well, you have a website and one or two platforms that you have accounts on.  

Let’s get them working for you.  Use them to tell your story, get your message out to the people that need it.  Build on that KNOW| LIKE | TRUST factor.

Working through short and long-term goals is key to building a successful strategy and campaign.  We’ll monitor your analytics regularly to see where you need to tweak.

Let’s get social!

Social Media Management

The strategy is created, now what?  Content needs to be created, images, photos, videos all have to be scheduled.  Which platform to use.  When to post, how to engage, managing groups, it all takes time and commitment.  Above all, your social media habits needs to be consistent.

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Your social media is the first thing your audience will connect with.  Let’s make it killer so they can’t look away!

We can manage all of your social media activity, from creating & scheduling posts, interacting with your audience to running ads and tracking outcomes.

We create content that converts whether it’s for your website, a brochure or articles and blog posts. Our content is aimed at keeping your customers engaged with you and your brand.

Looks like an easy job but once you get down to it, it’s not so pretty.  Constantly looking for the right content, remembering to post or share an update, and community engagement without going down the dreaded rabbit hole.  It takes time, planning and discipline.  And if you expect results then you have to put in the work.  What’s your reason it’s not working?

Don’t have time?  Don’t want to?  Don’t know how?

We can do it for you.  Get in touch and we can chat about your needs over a coffee or two.


Want to do it yourself?  No problem.  We can provide different levels of training, be it one-on-one or in a group setting.

Website Development

You don’t have a website?  Or it’s 90 years old!  This is your chance to share a piece of your world with the rest of us.  We want to see you and know what makes you tick.  Let’s build that together.                               

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We meet! Coffee or tea is always a good idea. Your office, my office or a coffee shop, your call.

Nowadays, we can only meet virtually and that’s ok too.  On the phone is always an option too

Questions, questions, and more questions. It’s key here to start nailing down your  WHY.   We go over what pages and features you need and what the process is.

From this, I’ll prepare the quote.

You hire me! YAY! It’s go time…I’m going to want to know what it is about your business that lights you up. It’s key to portraying your brand as accurately as possible.

I’ll start creating.

Site is delivered for your perusal. This is the really scary part! (for me, not you)

Provide all the feedback, changes, additions you’d like to see and I make them happen. Repeat x 2. Then we GO LIVE!

Other Stuff

This is where we can help with all the other things that happen day-to-day in your business.  Password management – there’s an app for that!  Project management – there’s an app for that.  Scheduling – there’s an app for that too.  In fact, there are usually several options available.  We can help.

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Ever struggle with all the things that have to be done, the decisions to be made?  How to manage all the projects on the go?  Where do I keep all the data, how do I share files, who gets access to what and so on.

Even when it comes to outside resources.  Where do I find the right photographer?  Do I really need a business coach?  What’s the best editing software for my needs?  

Let’s have a chat, I’ll bet we can help.

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