Apple is releasing iOS 14 this month and everyone is talking about it.  I’ll bet you’re wondering “How will this affect me?  What do I need to do?  Who does this update really impact?” 

Over 50% of smartphone users have an Apple device in Canada alone.  This is a significant.

It impacts Everyone

As a consumer you will start to see more and more content that is not relevant to you. 

As a producer of content for advertising and organic growth your target audiences will change.

Social sites such as Facebook collect data about what it’s users are doing, what websites they visit, what products they view, what income range they fall into etc.  Denying this permission will significantly impact the quality of targeting optimization and the ability to create lookalike audiences.  So instead of seeing ads targeted directly to you and your interests, you will start to see ads that have no relevance at all to you. 

Business tools

Remember, sites like Facebook are powerful tools for business and as such depend on the accuracy of the data collected to target audiences for their advertising campaigns.  Over 50% of smartphone users have an Apple device in Canada alone.  This is a significant.

Every business that uses an online platform to advertise and promote their products and services will be impacted.  Note that this will only impact tracking that takes place inside of Facebook itself.  You will still be able to track your pixel on a website or landing page outside of Facebook and will not lose that tracking data.

We won’t know how it will affect things such as Cost per Registration, Cost per Click etc until the updates are fully rolled out.  Here’s what you need to do:

Duplicate your Funnel specifically for Ads tracking.

By creating a separate funnel for your ads you can accurately track your ads leads inside of your CRM software.  This will allow you to go in and see what those leads are doing three, six or twelve months from now.  Also, you only need to duplicate the first entry point, eg a registration page, so that it gets tagged as an ads lead.

Limit the Number of Standard Events to Eight

If you’re not using more than eight standard events in your account, this won’t affect you.  However, if you use several custom conversions, rather than a standard event you must shift your strategy.  For example, on every one of your webinar thank you pages you have a custom conversion, change to a standard event like complete registration or lead.  Facebook is pushing you to use those standard events, so you won’t be able to create new ones for every single webinar, promotion etc.

Verify your Domains

Facebook will not allow you to drive traffic to any domains that you own that have not been verified.  Essentially you need to place a piece of code on your website (similar to a pixel).  If you need help doing this, I have a cheat sheet, let me know if you’d like it.


This is a new era in the digital marketing space.  We have to adapt and change what we’re doing as needed.  So if the iOS updates change the way that we have to target, or the amount of data that we have, or something that we have to do, the answer is NOT to quit advertising on Facebook and jump to YouTube, Google etc.  This is NOT a Facebook update, it’s an iOS update.  It will start to affect other platforms as well.  There is no escaping it so you must adapt and continue on if you want your business to stay relevant and profitable.