Congratulations! You’re an entrepreneur.

Who are your people? In the beginning we all believe we have to or can do it all by ourselves. You can’t and you shouldn’t.


Who are your people?

Starting out people….

What? Why do I need them? You need people you trust who can give you advice, maybe an inside look at what you are about to embark on. And you need to trust them because it will feel like your heart and soul is on the line when you make the jump into entrepreneurship. It’s scary. There’s trust, insecurity, and doubt issues. You’re anxious and scared. Does that mean you need to heed all their advice?

Absolutely NOT!

Only take the advice you need, not all the advice you’re given.

Cheerleader people…

These ones are the best. The ones that can get fired up! And get excited for you AND with you! The ones who will run across that finish line with you when you just can’t take another step. They’ll do wonders for your ego, drive and motivation. Keep that smile shining brightly.

Hard truth people…

Criticism is important. If you only have cheerleaders you’re going to walk around thinking you’ve got this, but you don’t. Hard truths help you grow. These people will give you the straight up and it’ll hurt like a bitch. There will be crying and sighing. But you need them.

Keep finding your people. Meet new ones and put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Uncomfortable situations are where all the start-up, cheerleader, and hard truth people hangout. Hope to see you there soon.