Tech tips – Virus protection

All software installs on your company computer should be completed by a trusted Technology Services person. Unauthorized software installs can compromise not only your computer but the corporate network as well.

There are many scams online that mask themselves as useful software when in fact they are malicious and can infect your computer.

  • Unauthorized software can contain viruses that will infect your system and spread throughout the network.
  • Pirated software is illegal and could result in a lawsuit .
  • Downloaded software may contain spyware that will copy your information and pass along confidential personal and company information without your knowledge.


Your company does their best to protect your equipment, please do the same and contact a trusted source the next time you need to download.


protection…..  Protection…… PROTECTION

…. There’s NEVER enough,  only use a trusted source…


There are many fake virus removal type programs that linger around on the internet. They claim that you have been infected with a virus, and that you need to download their virus removal software in order to clean your computer.

AVOID these at all costs… above is an example: