Instagram: Engagement

Why do I need to engage you ask.  Is it really necessary?

Absolutely!  And here’s why.

You want to grow your account, right?  Well the Instagram algorithm really really likes engagement and with good consistent engagement Instagram will show your account to more and more people.  This will ultimately grow your account.  Here are a few things to remember when posting.


  • Quality Content is crucial. Remember most people have the attention span of a gnat, make those seconds count.  Focus on your niche and be relevant.
  • Hashtags are the bread and butter of Instagram. Using them is step #1 in getting people to your account.
  • Timing is everything. Post when your followers are active.
  • Consistency is key so plan ahead. If you’re not consistent, Instagram will stop showing you any love.

There are 2 types of engagement: internal and external.  Start a conversation on your own feed and get your own followers engaging with you.  Make sure you answer and comment back otherwise where’s the point.  There are lots of fun ways to kickstart internal engagement, for example, share a funny story with a great image or ask your followers their opinion about something.

Likewise, for external engagement check out your follower’s accounts or accounts you’re following and leave an intentional comment on a post you like.  Ask a question perhaps.  Make the comment relevant and worth your time and theirs.  Remember “great job” or “nice” doesn’t cut it, your comment must be more than 4 words or it doesn’t count as engagement (at least for the algorithm to work).

Engage with some bigger accounts daily, start building a relationship and tag them.  Getting a shout-out from a big account will do wonders for your growth.

Ready to start?  Don’t be shy, it’s easy once you get going and with 15 minutes work every day you can grow that account as big as you’d like.

Next up, Hashtags and making them work for you.